Another new review of La Clave del Gumbo, PLUS news of a "Best of 2014" list!

So , two things to share today. First, we were featured as "Album of the Week" for the excellent latin jazz blog/website: Latin Jazz Net, by Raul Da Gama, who wrote an amazing review of La Clave del Gumbo. It is available on the Press page, check it out! 

Second, I was surfing online last night and realized that we had been named to a "Best of 2014" list by Magnet Magazine, in December. They selected "La Clave del Gumbo" as #3 in the World Music category.  What a cool surprise to come across! Also available on the press page. 

Also, I am happy to announce we will be performing on sept 26, on the latin jazz stage at the Redwood City Salsa Festival! 

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